14 Facebook Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

You know all about Facebook's basic tools. You can post statuses and share articles with the best of 'em. But how often do you check your Activity Log? What is the Browse tool for?

You're not off the hook either, Brand Pages. You may know that Facebook Exchange targets ads based on user's online activity, but did you know you can create Custom Audiences to share content with?

For these and other Facebook tools you probably aren't using, check out the gallery. Hone those Facebook skills to get the most of out of world's most popular social site.

1. Activity Log

You've probably seen that button on your cover photo labeled "Activity Log," but unless you're a Facebook power user you probably haven't explored this tool. It shows you every activity you do on Facebook, whether it's liking a photo, posting a status, or updating your information. You can even filter by type of activity to make it more targeted.

2. Ad Create Tool

Facebook gives you a host of tools to make sure your business's ads are well made and prominently placed, starting with the Ad Create tool. You select a goal for promoting your business or page (like more page likes, increased app engagement, etc.) and the Ad Create tool automatically selects the right combination of ads to help you reach it.

3. App Center

You've been playing Candy Crush for months, but do you use Open Table's Facebook app to book a reservation? Or use the Spotify app to share your playlists with friends? If you want to browse new games and apps, the App Center is the place to go. Access it at the bottom of the left hand menu.

App Center

4. Browse

The Browse tool will filter out a randomly selected type of content through Facebook's Graph Search, whether it's videos that you've liked or people in your networks you haven't friended yet. For those using Facebook to kill time (and aren't we all using Facebook to kill time?), it's an excellent method of procrastination.

Facebook Browse

5. Conversion Tracking

Setting up Conversion Tracking helps you track the effectiveness of your ads based on the specific action you want them to complete, like buying a product.

6. Custom Audiences

If you already have curated lists of audiences that you are using, you can upload them to your brand's Facebook account to make sharing a piece of cake. Don't worry, when you upload your lists, your information is encrypted so that no one can access it, even Facebook.

custom audiences


7. Export Your Calendar

If your socialite status is spread out across multiple calendars, you can export your Facebook calendar information to keep with you when you're not online. Wouldn't want to miss a party, now would we?

export calendar

8. Facebook Desktop Chat

Don't want to flip back to the Facebook tab every time you get a new message? You can use one of these instant messaging softwares to chat from your desktop.

9. Page Manager App

If you're managing a brand's page and need to post on the go, the Facebook Manager App is available on the App Store and Google Play for easy access to your account even away from your desk.

facebook pages manager app


10. Power Editor

If you're optimizing and managing many different ads at once, your brand should be using the Power Editor. You can easily make minor variations to the same ad to test what works the best with your audience. This is also where you can create custom audiences for sharing ads.

facebook power editor

11. Interests

Facebook is full of great content that you don't need to miss. Treat the social site like a Feedly alternative and get content from various groups tailored to your own interests.

facebook interests

12. Chat Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to navigate around chat more quickly? Then try keyboard shortcuts.

keyboard shortcuts messages

13. Page Insights

Page Insights is essentially Facebook's version of Google Analytics. Track your page's traffic to better understand how audiences are engaging with your page.

14. View As

If you want to be certain that your Aunt Mary didn't see those pictures of you from last weekend's bar crawl, use the View As tool to see your profile as she sees it. There. Crisis Averted.

facebook view as

Source: Mashable and Taylor Casti

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