🎄 Christmas 2016 – Graphic Design Freebies For Inspiration

Christmas 2016 – Graphic Design Freebies For Inspiration Christmas gifts are beautiful and everyone love it. I know everyone is busy to plan holidays with friends and family, so in spirit of celebration here you have some awesome christmas related graphics for your inspiration. Don’t need to say thanks 😉 I hope everyone have a wonderful holiday season 🎄 Cristmas Tree With Gifts   Christmas & New Year Free Set Colorful Ficons Icons 24+   Xmas Flat Icon Pack   Christmas Icon set   30 Winter Vector Icons 30 Christmas related icons in a... Read The Rest →

What if Logos Told the Truth?

Imagine if iconic brands/logos might look like if they told the truth about their product/service. Weell, Viktor Hertz did that. And In Viktor’s own words: An idea for a series with honest logos, revealing the actual content of the company, what they really should be called. Some are cheap, some might be a bit funny, some will maybe be brilliant. I don’t know. Now this is a light-hearted series that pokes a little fun at recognizable brands many of use and love.  Now enjoy! And be sure to check out... Read The Rest →

15 Business Card Designs For Your Inspiration

If you are asked to recall your favorite business card, I bet you don’t have an answer for it. No worries, me neither because who notices the generic look for business cards? Fact of the matter is, for many people, their business card is also a promotional tool for them, particularly when they are not attached to any organization – and some of them are really great attention-grabbers. (Image Source: Beasty Design) While most of us will fall back on a business card template or the minimalistic style, after going... Read The Rest →

Need To See Before You Die: 40 Spectacular Sights Of Nature

40 Spectacular Sights Of Nature No matter what you build by hand, nothing compares in terms of beauty and awesomeness to what Mother Nature has to offer. And you don’t even have to travel the world to see some of the most spectacular sights nature is capable of conceiving. Here you have a compilation of 40 exquisitely beautiful and naural sights you really need to see. Granted that these are just photographs (you can be sure that the real deal will definitely be a lot more breathtaking) but if you are... Read The Rest →

25 Examples Of Creative Photography For Your Inspiration

25 Examples Of Creative Photography For Your Inspiration 1 – Big Head 2 – Rainbow Drink 3 – Obesity 4 – VWBeetle   5 – Minor Keys 6 – The Scorpions 7 – Orangeman 8 – Nike Sportswear 9 – Sisters Communion 10 – Sun Bath 11 – Photo Retouching 12 – Temptation From Duck 13 – Coffee Splash Cup 14 – Piglets 15 – Orange Goes Banana 16 – Visceral Music 17 – Basketball 18 – My House 19 – Dinosaur Fossil 20 – Goldfish Shoe 21 – Stoving... Read The Rest →

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