Tweeting Bra Lets the World Know Each Time It’s Unclasped

Twitter Bra

If tits could tweet, they'd probably have a lot to say; but since they can't, they'll have to settle for the next best thing: a tweeting bra. OgilvyOne Athens has created a bra that tweets every time it's unclasped, sending a titillating notification to a special Twitter feed. Greek actress Maria Bakodimou will wear the bra for two weeks, letting the world know each time the twins are unleashed. The tweets then direct people to the Nestlé Fitness website, where they can get tips on how to do a monthly self-exam. As you can imagine, the bra currently tweets a lot in Greek, but it contends that self-exams are still Greek to many women. Maybe next time they can team up with Durex's Fundawear team and add some electric tingles to the bra that can be remotely controlled by response tweets. C'mon, anything goes in the name of awareness!

Source: adweek

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