Photoshop CS6 Text Glitching: Fixing The Text Corruption Problem

Photoshop CS6 Text Glitching

Problem: Text Corruption

The issue I was facing was when using the ‘type’ tool. When completing sentences, the ending punctuation kept re-positioning to the beginning of the line in the paragraph. This was happening with punctuation and special characters (!@#$%&, etc).

Fixing the Glitch: Step-By-Step

After doing an obscene amount of research to find the solution to this (aggravating) error in Adobe Photoshop CS6, I finally found a comment by Troels Plougmann-Olsen giving a simple idea that helps fix this exact problem within the feedback section of the Photoshop website.

(If you read this entire thread you’ll notice the extremely long time it took Adobe to fix the problem with an update. Apparently they knew about it during the Beta testing and released it without fixing the problem. Even the update meant to fix the glitch, the 13.0.1 patch, is only preventing new files from corruption. Older files might still have the text problem return.)

Open the Paragraph Style Panel (Window > Paragraph)

There are two ways to do this; 1) from the program menu select Window and then Paragraph or 2) simply click the paragraph symbol (¶) from the panel options in your work space.


This will open your paragraph style panel. (You will most likely see this.)


Select the Middle Eastern Features (Type > Language Options)

Under the ‘Type’ drop down select ‘Language Options’ and then select ‘Middle Eastern Features’. (Notice the ‘Default Features’ is selected. You will reselect this at the end.)


Paragraph Settings

You’ll notice the option with the arrow to the right of the paragraph symbol is selected.


You need to select the option with the arrow to the left.


Now you’ll need to simply reselect the ‘Default Features’ options mentioned earlier. That does it. A simple fix for a frustrating problem. Hopefully this little trick will solve your glitch (like it did for me).

What do you use Photoshop for the most? (For those who don’t use Photoshop, what program do you use?)

Source: thedigitalhippies

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