The 20 Scariest Google Street View Sightings

Google Street View technology does more than capture mundane shots of city streets. As the platform has evolved, Google has offered striking images from exotic places like the Galápagos Islands, Mount Fuji and the Eiffel Tower. You can even take a look inside CERN's Large Hadron Collider.

But Street View has also revealed unintentional surprises, from murder and mayhem to people's most embarrassing moments, and it has the potential to capture terrifying images, too.

With Halloween approaching, Mashable rounded up 20 of the scariest images Street View has to offer — plus an excellent bonus image to calm you down once we've scared your pants off.

Warning: Some of the included images may appear graphic or disturbing in nature.

1. The Aliens Have Landed

The truth isn't out there — it's right in front of us!

Okay, so this creepy alien is probably just a doll. But doesn't it look a little too lifelike?

2. Pigeon People in Japan

Reddit alerted us to these pigeon role-players who watched the Google car pass by. Pigeon role-playing is apparently a thing in Japan, as is pigeon dating. Scary stuff.

3. An Angel Ascending to Heaven

An anonymous user on a paranormal message board insists this is an image of an angel returning to heaven. We're thinking it's probably just a glitch on Google Maps, but who knows?

4. These Creepy Masked Pepole

Highway banditos? Innocent pranksters? Either way, that Scream mask is freaking us out.

5. "Dead Bodies" in a Dumpster

This image of a dumpster full of discarded mannequins was captured in Chile. We're thinking they look an awful lot like mummified corpses.

6. Detroit Resident Threatening Google

Reddit user SourCreamWater posted this terrifying image of a Detroit resident pointing a large weapon at the Google vehicle. Google has since blurred out the gun, but Reddit user Free_ nabbed a few clear screenshots before the image was censored. Even more disturbing, a 17-month-old child was found dead in what appears to be the same home just a few months before this image was taken.

7. This Guy in a Gas Mask

Looks like the Google car startled this guy in the middle of a leisurely gas-mask stroll.

8. This Haunted House

The town of New Baltimore, N.Y., is either the portal to hell, or Google Street View uploaded some very corrupted files. The entire town is similarly haunted-looking, thanks to a major Google glitch.

9. The Haunted Town's Only Resident

Reddit user pantherts captured this disturbing image of a ghostly figure in the town, pictured dead center.

10. An Injured Cow

Street View documentarian Jon Rafman found this upsetting image of a cow that appears to be sick or injured, dragging itself to the side of a highway.

11. A Glitch in the Matrix

— Déjà vu is a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.
— They cut the hardline, it's a trap! Get out!

12. A Scene From The Birds

We wouldn't dare approach the cars trapped under this massive flock of seagulls.

Run. Run so far away.

13. The Murder Dock

This image set off a media panic when a Redditor first discovered it. The red streak along this dock in the Netherlands looks like evidence of a gruesome murder, but turned out to be a trail of water dragged along the wood by a wet dog. Breathe easy, folks.

14. Did Google Street View Kill a Donkey?

Well, no, they didn't. But it sure looked that way.

Reddit user nelop discovered that in one Street View image, the donkey appeared standing by the side of the road — but if you turned around, it was lying in the dirt as though the Google car had run it over. Google cleared up the rumor, noting that the photos were actually taken in reverse. The donkey was taking a nice dirt bath in the road first, then sprang up when the Google car passed by.

15. This Abandoned Infant

Either this child is a Gucci fiend or he's got one helluva neglectful parent.

16. A Broken Face in the Middle of Nowhere

This strange statue makes for an interesting photograph and some very distressing nightmares.

17. The Tiki Demon of Nancy, France

Reddit user karma_companion found this disconcerting image of an emaciated figure standing on a balcony in France. Although the scraggly-haired, demonic-looking shadow is most likely a tiki statue, Google has since blurred out the image. This has prompted paranormal enthusiasts to question the perfectly rational explanation to this creepy, creepy picture.

18. This Van on Fire

This van on fire makes for a beautiful picture, but we wouldn't want to be the van's owner — or the stunned shirtless man to the right.

19. A Japanese Ghost Town

Reddit user nafaaan shared this image of the ruins of Hashima, a Japanese island that has been uninhabited for nearly 40 years. Once a mining town with more than 5,000 residents, Hashima was abandoned in the 1970s and is now deemed unsafe for tourists to visit — even though it's the site of Javier Bardem's lair in Skyfall.

20. A Violent Arrest

Jon Rafman captured this shocking image of a police officer with a large weapon keeping watch over a handcuffed suspect in the back of a pickup truck.

BONUS: Wayne and Garth Out for a Stroll

Sh'yeah, you've made it through our gallery of extremely extreme horrors. Party time! Excellent!

Images: Google Maps

Source: Mashable

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